Welcome to the website of Dave and Cecile


Paintings:    See Cecile's paintings of nature, animals, buildings and her flower guide. 

Contract Bridge:    presents Dave's new scoring system for contract bridge, called "Home Duplicate Bridge".  All the necessary files (180 of them) can be downloaded free, for configurations of four through seventeen pairs and 14 through 36 boards.  Also given is the necessary information for eight, nine, ten, and twelve individual players, again for 14 through 36 boards.  The programs allow scoring in imps, victory points, or matchpoints.

The Lanzl Institute:  goes to the website of the Lawrence H. Lanzl Institute of Medical Physics, now defunct.  This is provided for historical purposes.  This research organization was named in honor of Lawrence H. Lanzl, an outstanding medical physicist.

Below are pictures of Cecile and Dave, taken in the Rawah Wilderness of Colorado.  In the right picture, "Mountain Man Dave" is in the center of the background.

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